In the daily life of a driver most unpredictable things happen. For how much experience you have gained in your work, there will always be something new and never dealt with which we are not prepared. This happened two nights ago when, going out  for the last service of the day at 10 p.m., just after driving 500 meters from home, in the dark and deserted street I heard a disturbing sound like “the exorcist”. Immediately I looked at the radio thinking of some strange  program but the radio was off. Then I stopped to listen better and I realized  that it was a cat  in serious trouble. Because cats have a habit of slip into the engine I became warried and went  down to control …. Instead I see the cat  of my neighbor on the roof of my car, very very scared. I had  involuntarily “kidnapped”. Luckily it was easy enough to catch it  and return home. Budget: a little ‘fear for the cat, a scratch for me and 10 minutes late. It ‘went well.