The Festival of the Strawberries in Nemi: a tribute to Mother Nature

Every year in the first weekend of June Nemi will delight you with the Festival of the Strawberries. This event is not connected to a religious celebration but it celebrate Mother Earth and its gifts.

The inhabitants in Nemi are able to produce everything with strawberries: liquor (the famous “Fragolino di Nemi”), small tartlets with custard and strawberries, salami with strawberries, and pizza with strawberries.

During the Festival Nemi shows itself in its best shape, all the streets of the village are decorated with flowers and the most beautiful arrangment is rewarded with the “Gold Strawberrie” a jewel created by MILU’ the master jeweler of Nemi.

strawberries nemi

For the occasion, Palazzo Ruspoli hosts art exhibitions. Guided tours are organized into the Museum of Roman Ships and the Diana’s Temple ruins. In the town of Nemi local guides, dressed in traditional costumes, lead the tourists in tours.

Often, the experimental group of the Second Legio Partica Severiana offers rappresentations of Roman fighting techniques and it is allowed to take a picture with the group.

The visit to the Museum is recommended. You can enjoy the amazing story of the two roman ships found on the bottom of the lake. All the explanations are in English too, in this way you can better appreciate the visit.

Obviously, in the occasion of the sagra there is so much confusion that is not allowed to rich the town with our own car, but for the event a free shuttle service is arranged, connecting the Museum, the parking at the sport facility and the town.

After visiting Nemi, if you’re not tired yet of strawberries, I suggest you to try the delicious risotto …with strawberries.