The story of Giorgio

/The story of Giorgio

The story of Giorgio

What matters most to you? Safety of freedom? Have you ever thought about that? The story I’m going to tell you might make you discover it.

giorgio the parrotThis is the story of a little parrot, lost on the edge of a very busy road where I found it. The small creature was lying on his back and looked very much under shock and not able to fly or get back in its normal position. I was hurrying to the airport but I couldn’t help to stop my car and take the bird with me.

First of all I tried to make a little house with used newspapers stapled together. Then I put inside THE MAKESHIFT HOUSE my jacket to make it soft.

When I slip into the “house” the little parrot I begged it to be quiet and to not reveal its presence. Hidden in the last row of the sits in my car, the parrot was very obedient and the four women I picked up did not notice the presence of the animal.

It was impossible for me to adopt the parrot because I live in a place full of cats…..very dangerous for a bird! So I put it into the hands of Filomena, a lovely lady working at the hotel where my clients were lodging.

I asked about the little animal in the following days and I knew that it had been adopted by one of the cooks and named Giorgio. She also provided to get him a companion.

Now I was happy and sad at the same time: happy because Giorgio was safe and not alone, sad because he lost his freedom since he was living in a cage.

More than one year has passed since the finding of Giorgio, and Filomena, recently, told me that Giorgio had gained back his freedom because he had fled from the cage together with his lady.



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