Why in the lake of Nemi, small and without any outlet to the sea, two immense Roman ships of 70 meters in lenght and 24 in width were built?

Why a ship had no oars or sail, while the other wore benches for many oars?


Why an elegant structure with marble columns, copper tiles, bronze statues, and mosaic floors had been erected on the wooden hull?


Why screws that held the planking of the base structure together were immersed in a gold bath?

Why are there the ruins of a mysterious Roman villa on the shore of the lake?

Why, all around the lake, are there the foundations of a wide road?

Hypothetic reconstruction of the villa



Why in the great temple, along with the cult of Diana, was celebrated the mysterious Egyptian cult of Isis, the Great Mother?


Why, next to the temple, lies buried a small theater?

Why the ships, still new, were deliberately sunk?

Why, a huge quantity of reperts of the two roman ships, during the centuries, finished in the museums of all Europe?

Why no ancient historian, on everythingh of that, wrote a word?