The story of Giorgio

What matters most to you? Safety of freedom? Have you ever thought about that? The story I’m going to tell you might make you discover it.

giorgio the parrotThis is the story of a little parrot, lost on the edge of a very busy road where I found it. The small creature was lying on his back and looked very much under shock and not able to fly or get back in its normal position. I was hurrying to the airport but I couldn’t help to stop my car and take the bird with me.

First of all I tried to make a little house with used newspapers stapled together. Then I put inside THE MAKESHIFT HOUSE my jacket to make it soft.

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Touring in the Rain, or rather: “The wettest tour ever”

Only Irish people could persuade me to go on tour in a steady drizzle, with the landscape suffering from a very low visibility. Despite all that rain Rocca di Papa was still a charming little town. And the legends of Nemi were not the least tarnished by the rain.

On the contrary the mist on the lake and this gloomy atmosphere made these ancient stories more engaging. The rain has not the least penalized the crispness of fresh-made pizza in Castel Gandolfo, eaten in the car on the way to Rocca di Papa.

And last but not least Irish people are really fantastic. Certainly rain is staple food for them.

Thanks Irish people for this unusual experience.


In the daily life of a driver most unpredictable things happen. For how much experience you have gained in your work, there will always be something new and never dealt with which we are not prepared. This happened two nights ago when, going out  for the last service of the day at 10 p.m., just after driving 500 meters from home, in the dark and deserted street I heard a disturbing sound like “the exorcist”. Immediately I looked at the radio thinking of some strange  program but the radio was off. Then I stopped to listen better and I realized  that it was a cat  in serious trouble. Because cats have a habit of slip into the engine I became warried and went  down to control …. Instead I see the cat  of my neighbor on the roof of my car, very very scared. I had  involuntarily “kidnapped”. Luckily it was easy enough to catch it  and return home. Budget: a little ‘fear for the cat, a scratch for me and 10 minutes late. It ‘went well.