Why a three breasted woman?

pupazza frascati
La pupazza frascatana

Most people know Frascati for the good wine, but probably you never heard about the biscuit shaped as a woman with three breasts, colled “la Pupazza Frascatana” which is as much famous.

It is prepared only with flour and honey and to enjoy it you need to wait until it has draw some humidity from the environment because just prepared is too hard to eat.

The story is very fanny. In the past times, when the women were engaged in harvesting, they left their babies to the wet nurses, and there was one of them very very good even with the most capricious babies. For this reason she was very appreciated and the mothers were in competition to obtain her services.

However, after sometimes, an incredible discovery was made: she had three breasts, two with milk and the third, fake, with good Frascati wine. And that was the secret of her success.

Once I was telling this story to a group of Canadian people during a tour, and one of them said: “That’s what every mother should need sometimes.”

Do you think the same?


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