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The tour is divided into two days of the week and weekend, because some structures, such as the Parco Borghese or Sforza Cesarini Palace are not open on weekdays. All our proposals are customizable, but this two-days tour is special because the time available is bigger.

Midweek Itinerary
The tour departs from the rooftop terrace of Tusculum, where there will be a brief description of what the area offers and what we’re going to see. This will be followed by a series of steps that will include all the villages located on the outer ring of the Latium Volcano: Frascati, Grottaferrata, Monte Porzio Catone, Monte Compatri, Rocca Priora, Velletri and, Lanuvio. For the second day we pick up where we left off and take care of the villages located on the inner ring around the two lakes: Rocca di Papa, Nemi, Genzano, Ariccia, Albano, Castel Gandolfo and Marino. The order of visiting of the various villages also depends on any non-religious event that may occur during the period in which the tour takes place: it will consider any shows worth seeing and time in which they’ll take place.

Itinerary of the weekends
The route of the weekend is very similar to the weekly one, but we can see some things not to be missed as the Parco Borghese and Palazzo Chigi with its Park. The route will therefore be positively affected by this possibility and will be affected in the sequence of the steps, but without neglecting or losing anything.


  • 1 to 3 people € 300.00
  • 4 to 5 persons € 350.00
  • 6 to 8 people € 400.00

The cost of the tour includes the provision of the car, the driver, petrol and parking. Excluded are any tickets to museums or archaeological sites and the transfer to and from the hotel.
In the event that you are guests of a structure of the Castelli Romani area, transfers fee to and from your hotel is included.