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Castelli Romani Dream Tour was born thanks to you, to you tourists and travelers who have taught me to see the area where I live with new eyes, you have forced me with your questions to pay attention  to the stories of these places. And so I fell in love with them: and it is this love that I want to convey and share with you.

Castelli Romani Dream Tour is a tribute to this land which, while not being my native land, greeted me with its many traditions and the beauty of its landscapes, its ancient culture and its culinary delights, with its one thousand folk traditions that attract so many legends.

Castelli Romani Dream Tour is a project that adds my experience of life lived in these villages, to my experience of seventeen years as a driver. These two elements, combined with a commitment to constant and careful exploration of the territory and its resources, make me able to design any tour taking into account not only the typical events that take place throughout the year, but also of the season in which they are carried out, and of course the weather conditions that occur during the tour.
Visiting the Roman castles you will find that every little village is distinguished, not only for its traditional events, but reveals to the visitor unique urban characteristics of its kind made of very narrow streets that often lead to dead ends, real labyrinths that during medieval times, held the function of defending the “fortress” against invaders, because of their compliance with the troops invading easy to become disoriented, and it was easy for residents to prepare an ad hoc defensive tactics.

Castelli Romani Dream Tour will immerse you in a special atmosphere which evoke traditions, smells and tastes of ancient cultures and traditions lost in time, where history and legend are often mixed to create stories that will certainly make even more fascinating the places that once gave birth to Rome.