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How much does a tour and what it includes? The cost of the tour are as follows: 1 / 3 the time participants € 35.00 4 / 5 participants € 45.00 per hour 6 / 8 The participants € 55.00 per hour includes the cost of the tour escort car with chauffeur, petrol, parking. The medium is at your disposal for the duration of the tour.

And ‘possible to vary the stages of the tour? The programming of the tour is not rigid. Their organization is affected, usually positively, by the opportunities of the events taking place. It ‘can then edit or even distorting it in case there is an opportunity not to be missed, such as the preparation dell’Infiorata of Genzano, the addition of the visit to a farm or some particular museum or monument.

And ‘need special clothing? The Castelli Romani are almost all located on steep hills. The villages are often paved with typical Roman paving stones called “Sampietrini”, perhaps aesthetically very picturesque but extremely uncomfortable to go if you do not have the appropriate footwear shoes … so! In addition, the area is designed to be climatically very diverse: from Frascati to Nemi are sometimes ten degrees of difference, so you better bring a jacket even in the hottest time of year. Do not forget your camera, seeing as the Castelli Romani, not having been able to photograph not I will never forgive.

And ‘possible to plan trips outside? We provide transportation to and from Airports, Seaports, and any other destination that will be required. The vehicle will be at your disposal for all the time you need. The rates, for the case of transfers, will be fixed according to the transfer type and number of persons carried. As for the tours are hourly rates, unless otherwise is stipulated with you during the pre-agreement.

What means do you have? We have an 8 seater minibus hire with driver and two Taxis 4 and 6 seats. We carry out the transportation and shuttle service in this area for almost thirty years and our customers can rely often on a highly personalized service, able to meet every need.